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ScanGauge IIThis is a review of a great product by Linear-Logic. This is the second ScanGauge product I've had the pleasure of owning. The first ScanGauge was a bit bigger, a bit clunkier, but it had all the great features you need.

With the introduction of OBD-II back in 1996 car's computer systems became alot more complex. The great thing about that is that you can use simple tools that plug into your car's diagnostic port and get a wealth of information not previously available.

I've owned my ScanGauge II now since August 2006. This is a great tool and in my opinion every shadetree mechanic should have one of these. Actually, I think every vehicle owner should have one. What makes this tool so great? It does three things: 1) Reads & clears trouble codes; 2) It has a multifunction trip computer; and 3) It has up to 37 different digital gauges (readouts).

ScanGauge II mounted on steering columnThirty-seven!? Yes. And one of the best gauges to use is the real-time MPG reading. That's definitely my favorite feature. The ScanGauge II lets you see immediately what your current mileage is. One of the ways I've used that is I've been driving down the highway at 60mph. I then reset the trip computer function to show me the current mpg reading for that speed at 60 mph. I drive that way for a few miles. I take note of the reading, then go up to 65 mph and reset the trip reading again. I do it again for 70 mph. So what I've accomplished here is I've seen what a small difference in speed can have on MPG ratings. With the price of gas these days this is a very handy tool to have. You will know what is the optimal speed you can drive on the highway to get the best mileage.

I've also used the ScanGauge to read trouble codes. A friend of mine had the Check Engine Light on his Subaru. I read the code which was a P0325. A shop would have charged him up to $70 for that, I did it for free. I also used it on my Ford pickup when it's check engine light came on. I can't remember the code but I do remember the truck needed a new transmission. This tool supports most (if not all) vehicles that are OBD-II compliant (1996-newer). It plugs into the diagnostic port and can be used temporarily or mounted permanently.

Anyway, as you can see I think the ScanGauge II is an incredible product and well worth the money. It does more than I've mentioned here, I'm just telling you what I've used it for and how it can benefit you.

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