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Question:I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Before I change the oil, I pull the fan switch connector off and wait until the temp guage reads one mark above the normal range. Then I shut off the engine and drain the oil. The phone rang and I abandoned the car. About 5 minutes later I came back and noticed steam from under the hood and the temp guage was maxed out. I shut the engine off, plugged the fan back in and turned the ignition to "on", but didn't start the car. The temperature finally came down and I started the car, which runs perfectly. Now I have a steady (not blinking) check engine light on. Any suggestions? Help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Thanks for contacting us with your Mercury engine light concern. Sounds like the overheating concern likely set a cylinder head over-temp code. You can bring it to a dealer to clear the code. Many places may clear the light free of charge (check with your local shops). You can also attempt to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes to clear codes, but this also resets all fuel and transmission shift strategies so it is not really recommended. These strategies will be relearned after the car is operated for a time, but you may notice some unusual driveability concerns while this learning process takes place. Symptoms may include rolling idle and harsh or slow shifts among others. I would not recommend disconnecting the fan as there is the potential for engine damage from overheating. This car is designed to operate at 212 deg. F max and will reach this temp just as quickly with the fan connected. I hope you have found this info helpful, and let us know if we can offer any assistance with future Mercury engine light concerns. Enjoy the day!

Question:I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer. My check engine light is on and so is the overdrive off light. I think it may be a solenoid in the transmission but need help. How do I take care of this problem, and will changing the solenoid fix it?

Answer:Thanks for contacting us with your Mercury engine light concern. The first thing you will need to do to get an idea of the problem is have someone retrieve codes from the PCM (computer). Once you have these, you can get an idea of what to start looking at. Many shops offer a free code check so call around and see who can do that for you. I have seen a few concerns with torque converter clutches in these vehicles. If you get codes for this system, make sure the fluid level is good and that it has had a transmission service/flush as old broken down fluid can cause torque converter clutch issues and check engine light concerns. I would not suggest replacing any components without at least checking the codes. There are a number of solenoids in this transmission, all of which can cause the check engine light to come on. Find a local shop that will do a diagnosis (some transmission shops offer free diagnosis), and let us know what they say. We can give some advice from there. Hope this information helps. Thanks for using our site, and Happy Holidays!

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