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Question:I have a 2000 Kia Sephia. What does canister purge mean and also what is the solenoid circuit?

Answer:Thanks for contacting us with your Kia engine light concern. The canister purge solenoid is part of the evaporative emissions system. When it is commanded "open" by the PCM (computer), it allows fuel vapors in the fuel system to enter the engine. This solenoid basically acts as a valve regulating fuel vapor flow to the air intake system. By burning these vapors in the combustion process, the evap system helps to lower overall vehicle emissions. The solenoid circuit refers to the wiring used to control the function of this solenoid, and usually runs between the solenoid and the vehicles PCM. I hope this info has answered your questions! feel free to contact us with any further Kia engine light concerns. Best regards!

Question:I have a 2003 Kia Spectra 1.8 Litre DOHC. Current mileage is 51k, engine light is on and car is running great. Do these, or have you ever heard of an engine light being triggered at specific milage marks? Love the car, but hate the darn light. I have heard of manufactures doing this. anything you can tell me would help.

Answer:Thanks for submitting your Kia engine light question to our site. It is true that some of the older vehicle lines used to have "Maintenance Required" lights that would trigger at specific service intervals. Manufacturers, to the best of my knowledge, no longer use this. I did check on your specific vehicle and it only uses the check engine light for informing the driver of an electronic engine control concern. Many problems can cause the light to come on without having a driveability symptom, but it is still best to have it checked out. Once you have codes retrieved, let us know and we can give some follow up advice! Hope this helps, and thanks again!

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