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Question:Hello. I have a 2001 Infiniti QX-4. I keep getting the code P1320 which is primary inition, as well as P0301 which engine knock sensor. I changed the plugs which were extremely worn and the code keeps setting. The car runs rougher now than before. Any ideas on what it could be?

Answer:Thanks for submitting your Infiniti engine light question! Your P1320 definition is correct but the P0301 is actually a misfire on cylinder 1. These codes combined would suggest a wiring concern with the coil circuit for cylinder 1 or a faulty coil on the same cylinder. I would suggest testing the wiring for cylinder 1 ignition circuit as outlined in our Automotive Circuit testing article, and then checking the resistance of the coil itself. An open circuit between pins 2 and 3 (where the Black and Red wires connect to the coil) would indicate a faulty coil. You could also swap out the coil with another cylinder and see if the concen moves. If it does, you likely have a faulty coil. also, read our code definition for P0301 on the Generic OBD II Codes page for complete testing info, and be sure to check our Wiring Diagrams page for help when testing all coil circuits. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance with this, or any future Infiniti engine light concerns! Have a great day!

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