How To Fit A Nitrous Kit

I recently fitted a nitrous kit to my zr 105 and I have gained an extra 30/40 BHP. Here is an example of how it has worked for me.....

On a stretch of road without nos I reached a top speed of 31mph....On the same road with my nitrous kit I reached a speed of 47 mph!! I can leave most cars behind now off the lights.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, compressed in liquid form and injected into the intake of your car engine.

Nitrous is a simple and effective way of gaining HUGE amounts of power and torque. In some cases you can add 100 BHP. Nitrous is 10 times cooler than air and when injected into your air intake the response is AMAZING!!!!

Some people feel that a nitrous kit will damage your engine but in fact if used properly it cools your engine and works wonders.

Here are the simple instructions to an extra 100 BHP and how fit a nitrous kit!!

Here is what you will need to get started.

1. First of all you need to buy a nitrous kit... I recommend fitting it yourself as it will safe you alot of money.

Ok now that you have got yourself a nitrous kit you will notice that you have a bottle and some jets and leads etc. The nitrous bottle is usually mounted in the boot. Check the kits instructions and make sure it is mounted the proper way as it is vitally important for it to work correctly. Offer the bottle and brackets into position, then mark and drill four holes - dont drill into your fuel tank or spare tyre.

Once you have the brackets in place attach the bottle to them using the straps provided.

2. Run the supply pipe from your boot down the inner sill and through the bulkhead to the engine bay. This is just hidden under the carpet. Slide the pipe end fitting and olive onto the end of the pipe then push the end of the pipe into the bottle valve and tighten the fitting. This is basically just connecting to the top of the nitrous kit bottle.

3. Securely mount the solenoids using the brackets supplied to the front of the engine bay or a cool area under the bonnet near to where the injector will be installed. The solenoids are colour code..Blue for nitrous and red for fuel.

4. Using your car manual identify the fuel supply line ( usually found on the bulkhead). Fit the t piece into the fuel line making sure all connections are secure and leak free.

5. Connect the new fuel line from the t piece into the input solenoid using the fittings provided in the kit. Similarly connect the nitrous supply line to the input on the blue nitrous solenoid. Fitting a nitrous kit really is easy.

6. Now connect the blue and red LINES to the solenoid outputs, ready to be connected to the injector. Make sure that the connections are secure.

7. The next stage is fitting the injector into the air inlet duct, just BEFORE the throttle body.

8. Take of the large air inlet duct just before the throttle body, and drill a hole for each injector as close to the throttle plate as possible. Make sure the holes are nice and smooth to avoid any air leaks or nitrous leaks out of your nitrous kit.

9. Insert the injector after sliding over the spacer. Screw on the top hat retainer from the inside of the air hose.

10. Refit the air inlet hose back to the throttle body and cut the red and blue lines as short as possible and connect them to the injector securely using the fittings supplied.

11. So that the system is only active at full throttle a micro switch needs to be mounted on the throttle body. Use the mounting plate supplied.

12. the micro switch must be mounted and set so that it is activated on full throttle. When mounted check its operation.

13. The next item to be fitted is the system arming switch. I mounted mine on my mg zr beside the lights switch that tilts the lights up and down. You need to find the engine live supply using your HAYNES manual and probing around the fuse box. ( make sure the battery is off). Splice on a new wire and run it to your switch destination.

14. Connect your ignition live feed to one side of the switch, then connect on another wire to the other side and run it through the engine compartment somewhere near the solenoids. Try and use existing holes in the bulkhead to make things easier. Nitrous kits are proven to add up to 100bhp

15. At the solenoids, split the live feed into 2 wires and run one to each solenoid positive terminal. Connect the earth wire to each remaining terminal and joint them both to one side of the micro switch. Connect another wire to the other side of the switch and join it to an existing good earthing point under the bonnet

So there you have it!!! It may look confusing but i can assure you it is really simple.

This is the ultimate BHP GAIN. My zr is going great with it.

Stuart McIntosh is the owner of a modded mg zr and this website He is dedicated to teaching people how to mod their car and is an expert on how to fit a nitrous kit.

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