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Okay, so you've looked around the site for some help with your check engine light, but still can't find exactly what you need? Or maybe you need some specific details. We can help with requests for wire colors, connector locations, component testing and specifications, code symptoms and possible causes and much more. We can help with pretty much any info you need to get that check engine light off. By supplying your VIN we can also check for possible Technical Service Bulletins relating to your concern. Also, be sure to put any code numbers in the question area and include any symptoms along with a brief history of the concern. We respond to each request as completely and timely as possible, so please be patient and submit your questions only once as duplicates are automatically deleted by the system. Average response time is 2-24 hours.

We appreciate you using our site as a reference and look forward to helping! Please take a moment to read our disclaimer by clicking on the link in the navigation bar. When you're ready go ahead and submit your question!

Our site is supported by visitor donations, so if we've helped you in any way, and you want to give a little something back, please take a moment to donate. We use PayPal and you can rest assured of a secure transaction. Every little bit helps and remember to always "Pay It Forward"! Thanks again, and we look forward to helping with any future questions you may have!

Individual help is currently offline. We are busy with site updates and wll not be able to respond to questions posted today. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back later. Thank you.

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