The Mopar Accessories Difference

As part of the Daimler/Chrysler family , Mopar makes Original Equipment Mopar parts and Mopar Accessories for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. This means that a Daimler/Chrysler engineering team has created the accessories utilizing the original designs and specifications. The result? Mopar accessories that meet a higher standard than aftermarket. Acessories with not just an attention to detail, but a dedication to detail. It's the level of detail and thought that creates accessories with a real Mopar Difference. A difference in fit, in engineering, in testing, in materials and in safety standards. Even a difference in the way Mopar accessories are designed to install on vehicles. In short, it's a Mopar Difference in each of the accessories that you'll recognize and appreciate for years down the road.

Mopar Rear Spoilers must pass many rigorous tests to ensure that thay maintain their good looks and do not adversely affect the performance of the vehicles. Testing under etreme hot and cold tempatures checks the rear spoilers' ability to withstand severe conditions without cracking. Weather- resistance tests ensure that the spoiler will maintain its premium finish in any climate. Pull tests help ensure that spoilers won't loosen or vibrate. Several other tests make certain that the weight of the spolier does not affect the normal deck lid operation or compromise the integrity of the deck lid's himges, latches and lock. Mopar rear spoilers, like all Mopar Accessories, are designed and tested for a seamless integration with the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

Mopar Brush Guards and Grille Guards are designed using advanced engineering software that allows engineers to exactly match the front end of any Dodge truck. However, it's more than a perfect fit. Mopar's deluxe brush guards and grille guards feature injection molded ABS plastic components that ensure sturdy construction and a blemish free surface.

Tubular brush gaurds and grille guards are fashioned from heavy guage steel, then formed with an advanced mandrel tube bending technology for a wrinkle free appearance. The chroming process then inlcudes more nickel to help prevent rust and cloudiness in the finish.

Mopar Running Board is made to fit minivans, Jeep vehicles and Dodge trucks with exact fit. Constructed of a sturdy roll formed steel substructure, running boards pass stringent dynamic and static load tests. That mean it will stand up to daily use from heavy loads and minor impacts and will look good for years to come. The high impact resistant plastic cladding that covers Mopar running boards also improves durability and won't shatter, as fiberglass designs might. Even the step surfaces feature a slip resistant material. Plus the paint is not a close match - it's an exact factory matched color.

Mopar Tubular Products for Dodge trucks and Jeep vehicles; front and rear bumpers, grille guards, brush guards, side steps and light bars. All are designed to blend perfectly with the unique lines of the vehicle and are available in a variety of finishes. Mopar tubular products are fashioned from heavy guage steel or aluminim, then formed with an advanced mandrel tube bending tachnology for a clean, wrinkle free appearance. These tubular products are designed to enhance the appearance of Dodge trucks and Jeep vehicles, and they resist road debris and inclement weather conditions without chipping, corroding, pitting and scratching. All mounting hardware meets Dodge Chrysler Jeep material standards for corrosion protection.

Mopar Electronic Accessories are designed and thoroughly tested to gaurantee compatibility with Daimler/Chrysler electrical systems. Daimler/Chrysler testing facilities help ensure that negative effects from outside interference - such as commercial radio antennas and microwave towers are almost non existent. Testing also helps ensure that Mopar electronic accessories will not interfere with your other electrical or computer systems. In addition, unlike some other electrical or computer systems on the market, Mopar electronic accessories meet Daimler/Chrysler standards for current draw, so they won't draw down the vehicles battery under normal conditions. You can be assured that even with several Mopar electronic accessories lamps won't dim and engines won't stumble or stall.

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