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So you're looking for some in depth info relating to check engine light repair?

Well then you're in the right place! Our collection of articles is growing on a regular basis thanks to your suggestions and input. We try to keep most articles to a 10 minute or so read, as we understand the need for direct, targeted information when it comes to check engine light repair education! With that said, let's get some learning done! I also recommend checking out these incredibly useful OBDII How-To Articles for some more great info!

Automotive Circuit Testing 101 - The Basics And Beyond! - The Check Engine Light and electrical systems testing go hand in hand. This article is a must read for anyone even thinking about tackling a service engine light or wiring concern in a modern automobile. This one starts from ground zero and leads up to learning cutting edge testing strategies. Even a veteran technician can learn something here! Let's go!

Voltage Drop Testing: How And Why To Perform A Voltage Drop Check - So you've tested everything by the book and still can't find your circuit concern. Maybe you've even changed some parts already with no improvement. The source of your problem may be caused by excessive voltage drop in the questionable circuit. Check out this informative piece and get a handle on how to check for this elusive concern!

Intermittent Diagnosis Techniques-Trade Secrets! - Intermittent diagnosis is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of check engine light repair. This article is a must read for anyone who has a concern that only appears once in a while. Using these techniques, you will be well armed to tackle any concern, regardless of how often it happens!

Preventing "Over Repairing". Don't Let That Engine Light Break The Bank! - This article gets down to the nuts and bolts of the automotive service industry, specifically addressing check engine light concerns, and will help you keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket! Learn what to ask when you have to bring your vehicle in for repair.

Oxygen Sensor Code Diagnosis. Secrets Of The Pros! - This article will give you insight into the complicated theory behind Oxygen Sensor Codes, Oxygen Sensor operation and diagnosis of these systems. You will learn the common misconceptions and avoid the pitfalls often associated with these trouble codes. Don't let that check engine light scare you! Lets get started!

How Much Should That Check Engine Light Repair Cost? - We offer up our opinions on what it should cost to have your check engine light issues resolved. Based on experience both as a shop manager and technician we simply serve up the facts! Don't get taken for a ride when having your check engine light serviced!

EGR System Theory, Operation And Testing - Make Short Work Of EGR Codes! - An in depth look at the function and testing of the EGR Valve and automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems. Make your check engine light a thing of the past! Get free help with trouble code diagnosis, output sensors wiring issues and much more!

Other Useful Articles For Check Engine & General Repair Help - Loads of useful information, not only for check engine light repair, but for general automotive service as well! Most of these articles have been contributed from outside sources, and are provided to help you gain a better understanding of automotive systems and services.

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