Check Engine Light Code P0102
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Low Input


How does a P0102 code trigger the check engine light? The engine light will come on if the following concern is present:

The Mass Air Flow Sensor circuit is monitored by the powertrain control module (computer), for low voltage (which translates to low air flow) through the Comprehensive Component Monitor (CCM). With the key on and engine running, if the voltage drops below a minimum value this code will be set, causing the check engine light to illuminate.

Possible Causes:

MAF Sensor disconnected
MAF Sensor circuit open to computer
Vehicle Power circuit open to MAF Sensor
Power Ground circuit open to MAF Sensor
MAF Sensor Return circuit open to PCM
MAF Sensor circuit shorted to Ground
Intake air leak near MAF Sensor
Damaged MAF Sensor
Damaged computer

Diagnostic Help:

Refer to an appropriate manual for specification. If MAF Sensor voltage reading is below minimum limit with key on engine running then concern is a hard fault (present now). If all values are in spec proceed with intermittent diagnosis (refer to our "Intermittent Diagnosis Help" article through the "articles" link on the Navigation Bar). You may also use the "Get Help" link if you need specifications or have any other related questions.

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